Exhaust Bypass Systems

exhaust bypass systems Stejasa

STEJASA designs and supplies exhaust bypass systems for all kind of gas turbine installations. These are designed according to the GT and plant characteristics in simple cycle or combined cycle mode (a bypass system which includes a diverter damper).

A bypass system presents many advantages:

It allows power generation with the GT during boiler erection or boiler maintenance.
The exhaust flow can be controlled with diverter blade reducing boiler thermal stresses at startup.
Emergency shut-down of HRSG is possible.

Exhaust bypass systems generally include: diffuser, bypass dampers or elbow, stack with supporting structure, silencer, expansion joints, ladders and platforms, aircraft warning lights and emission test ports. Ducting and stack are delivered internally insulated with stainless steel cladding protection.

Additionally, STEJASA designs special configurations with the stack directly supported by the bypass damper. This solution eliminates the supporting stack structure reducing civil works and erection period.

image 1 exhaust bypass systems
image 2 exhaust bypass systems
image 3 exhaust bypass systems
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exhaust bypass systems
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