Guillotine damper

stejasa: Guillotine damper

STB BLANKING PLATE: The blanking plate is hanging from its supporting structure. To operate it, the plate is inserted by unbolting the flange at the expansion joint which is then compressed to allow the plate to be inserted.

STR REPAIR GUILLOTINE: It includes a frame, a blade and its supporting structure. The frame is provided with a removable cover that remains closed when the plate is in or out of the gas stream. The blade is provided with flexible seals when high tightness is required. The blade is inserted using a manual or electric hoist.

STS PROCESS GUILLOTINE: STS guillotines are used for process industries and are fully automated, and therefore controlled by the plant SCADA.

Options: Seal air system for 100% tightness; external or internal insulation; all types of drives.

Image 1 Guillotine damper
Image 2 Guillotine damper
Image 3 Guillotine damper
Image 4 Guillotine damper
Image 5 Guillotine damper
Image 6 Guillotine damper
Image 7 Guillotine damper
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