Diverter damper

diverter damper Stejasa

STEJASA has designed and manufactured diverter dampers since 1986. The high proliferation of gas turbine cogeneration around the world has made it possible for STEJASA to acquire a high grade of experience.

Single blade dampers have great advantages like:

Low sealing perimeter and therefore low power consumption on the seal air fans.
Low pressure drop.
Very simple construction and therefore high availability.

For a 100% sealing efficiency a double seal row or 天 shape seals shall be fitted. The cavity formed by the seals and the landing bars is pressurized by a small fan in order to provide an effective air barrier resulting in zero cross blade leakage or 100% tightness.

image 1 diverter damper
image 2 diverter damper
image 3 diverter damper
image 4 diverter damper
image 5 diverter damper
image 6 diverter damper
image 7 diverter damper
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